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  Life Of North America

Valeria Mendoza & Noé Sotelo

Through the years, Canada achieved its independence, and the recognition of Great Britain to authorize the French language as an official language.

Around the history of North America, various historical events have occurred that have enriched the continent, among them is the fight of women for the right to vote, the American civil war, the independence of the United States, among other historical events that built the North American continent.

With almost ten million square kilometers Canada, it is one of the largest countries in the world, it has 34 million people living in its territory.

Canada is a wealthy nation due its diversified economy. Education is the basis that makes the quality of life in Canada one of the best in the world. A well-educated population sustains the social and economic well-being of a country. A large part of its economy depends on the mining of natural resources, oil business, and agricultural production, since it is one of the world's largest exporters of agri-food products.

About 4% of Canadians are directly employed in primary resource fields. Canada is one of the world’s leading destinations for foreign travelers.

The country also has a large financial sector with many banks and other financial institutions, as well as a large real estate industry. According to the Corruption Perceptions Index, Canada is perceived as one of the least corrupt countries in the world, and is one of the world's top ten trading nations.

In general, the country has a continental climate with cold winters and hot summers, depending on latitude and distance from the sea. 

North American culture is very diverse. We can see the difference in cultures and economies between each one, since it has different beliefs, art, customs, traditions, gastronomy, education, habits, among other things. However Canada and the United States share English as the main language.

It’s interesting to see that the North American continent can have so many different physical features and climates. The lifestyle of the habitants depends directly on their environment.

We can see that North America is a great place to live and to study!

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